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What are our Demands?

Kingsbrook’s community was in a healthcare crisis before the pandemic. Not only were Black neighborhoods hit harder by COVID-19, but they were already struggling with a higher burden of disease and premature death due to the effects of systemic racism.

Closing this hospital will increase already long wait times at surrounding hospitals. It will worsen the suffering in Black and immigrant working-class neighborhoods.

This hospital is needed – during the pandemic and beyond. Stop the process of preparing to close the hospital. Stop draining the community’s needed resources and funds.

  • All Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center services and beds must remain functioning with full staff for all beds indefinitely.
  • Stop draining Kingsbrook of resources. Safety net hospitals should be fully funded.
  • The undemocratic and outdated 2016 restructuring plan to close Kingsbrook as a hospital must be scrapped completely.
  • Any organizations or individuals with financial conflicts of interest should be excluded from planning and decision-making about hospital closures and service cuts.
  • The pandemic has shown the need to maintain and expand hospital capacity. We additionally support a moratorium on all hospital closures and no cuts to safety net hospital funding.
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